World Shine Alumni (WOSAA)

WOSAA LogoAs our Mission says, REACH, RAISE AND RELEASE Godly men and women to lead Uganda and influence the nations for Christ, World Shine Ministries formed an Alumni called World Shine Alumni Association (WOSAA) which is a Christian Association that is formed to build a strong coordination base between World Shine Ministries and its beneficiaries. This will include all students in higher levels of learning and those that have finished school coming up together to support a few ministry activities both financially and spiritually. This has been thought about because of the many people that World Shine Ministries has supported not kept in the ministry records and not “giving back” to the ministry. As per now, World Shine Ministries has more than 90 Alumni members and we hope to organize them and make it a strong group of leaders that will lead Uganda and Influence the nations for Christ.

Many people have finished school and gotten better paying jobs but unfortunately most of them have not come back always to support the ministry. Many groups will be formed under this association i.e. fellowship group, choir, football team, a small financial group that will help members in saving and many others.

On 16th October 2015 we happened to have our first meeting and twenty people attended. They were addressed by World Shine USA coordinator Steve Happ, World Shine Ministries President Rev Dr Medad Birungi and World Shine Administrator Madam Connie BirungiThe meeting was successful and hoping to organize a weekend work shop for all the Alumni members.

Rev. Dr. Medad Birungi (Left) and Steve Happ (Right)

IMG_0614 IMG_0610

Alumni members in the meeting.

IMG_0591 IMG_0604

Group photos after the meeting.

IMG_0640   IMG_0630