Women’s Ministry

womenThis year I continue to bless the Lord for the amazing women that are part of the World Shine
Ministry (WSM) team. There is joy in preaching the gospel together and serve one another as a team. In many areas women have always been at the forefront of ministry and mission to encourage other women to further their potential, know who they are in Lord and then go forward to the gospel of the truth. This year we join our hands together as we call upon the kingdom of God to come in the women ministry.

My love for women’s ministry stems out of my background that was full of abuse, domestic violence and all sorts of suffering. Many times i witnessed my mother being bartered and packing her things to go away only to unpack in the morning as we cried around her and told her if she dare went away, we would kill ourselves. Thank God, all that is history as the Lord touched my family, saved my father, mother and siblings and my father’s home is now a house of prayer. Thank God also for giving me a loving husband, fine children with who am in ministry.

At WSM we follow the big vision of reaching, raising and releasing women into their potential. The women ministry exists to help women fulfil their Biblical purpose by learning to love Jesus, making trust worthy friendships with each other, setting their priorities right and then serving the world in Christ’s name.

Our goals are:

  • To share the gospel (Reach).
  • To deepen the spiritual lives of each other and pray for one another (Raise).
  • To make every one belong and be a valued member.
  • To provide ministry opportunities as we go out to minister (Release).

A  few of  the many ways to accomplish the above is continuing to create a strong core team who loves Jesus and have a Heart for women’s ministry here at WSM .We want to continue going out to preach the gospel, lead seminars for women and do leadership trainings. It has been a blessing, coming a long side each other as we put ideas together, lead seminars together and support and encourage one another, in many parts of Uganda and beyond.

The second (2nd) most important area that is vital in the women ministry of WSM is the area of “the older teaching the younger”. This is the contest of Paul’s letter to Titus, where older women were instructed to teach the young ones especially how to love their Lord and serve him daily and also how to love their husbands. We feel it’s very vital as we create a team that will continue to further the women’s ministry even in future. The goal will be that relationships take on a more personal form as they grow and begin sharing and relating to one another in a way that they share their victories and their sorrows too. They should learn to pray together and study the word of God together.

The message we have for old women that God has gifted, is that God has called us to be servant’s leaders full of wisdom and humility as we mentor the young women. Older women should share their ability with one another; teach the younger how to study Gods word and great things will happen in many lives of the young women as they live with their husbands.

The family is also another focus for the WSM women’s ministry. The bible says if the foundations are faulty what will the righteous dos? The family is the foundation of the ministry and if the family is not okay, God’s ministry will not progress. Our focus therefore in WSM is that families should be stable, relationships between husbands and wives, should be good, children should be raised in a Godly manner that pleases the Lord. We encourage families to have prayer alters in their homes for we are aware that a family that pray together stays together .We also encourage parents and children to have dialogue with one another for better relationships.  We believe that godly people should raise godly children that give God the glory. We therefore have participated in many counselling sessions for the young people, lead seminars in partnership with churches and participated in preaching the gospel to the young people. We have witnessed tremendous changes,

Another great issue we are dealing with is the issue of domestic violence. The Christian community is expected to be a place of refuge for domestic violence victims. But it has not been so and the issue has for a long time been ignored and swept under the carpet. We are aware marriage is conceived as a covenant with God in which partners are expected to live in love, oneness and respect.

In order to get transformed societies that are free of violence there is need to break the cycle of violence that is deeply rooted in society. The Church together with other governmental and non-governmental agencies can work towards the liberation of women from abuse. The Church through Education on various issues especially at grass root level to both men and women can be essential for reorienting the thinking in society and the ways in which people perceive their own roles in society. Sensitisation campaigns to transform the negative attitudes of men towards women and the way gender roles are ordered in society are very necessary.

In WSM We reach people in the area of domestic violence through creative preaching, sensitization campaigns, and setting up self-help projects to lift the status of women and pastoral care for both women and men. We are so sure by Gods help we shall achieve a lot.

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