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Cooks preparing super for the boarding section with some children taking porridge while others are washing their cups.

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The School Team, the Head master addressing the pupils (left), one of the school’s administrators (middle) and the head of the head of the sponsorship program at the school (right).

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World Shine Ministries is blessed with a fantastic team of servants who work tirelessly to serve God and love others. It takes many people loving the Lord and working diligently to run an operation of such magnitude to truly changes lives and impact communities. World Shine Foundation Primary School-Rwentobo has qualified 22 teachers. These men and women patiently teach the kindergarten and preschoolers at the Rwentobo School. In a year, they have turned a rowdy crew of toddlers into well-mannered, studious pupils. They are impacting the future of their students in a profound way. We have a very assertive and innovative head teacher who loves children and is assisted by three deputies in charge of administration, academic and nursery section respectively but they work like a team. We also have a diligent bursar to handle all the finances of the school.

Some of the teachers at our boarding school at WSF P/S.

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In addition, we also have a Child development officer/Social worker and Counselor who possess a playful spirit and a heart that loves Jesus, she  is the perfect social worker because the children and community members adore her! Emily is in charge of community health care and HIV counseling in Rwentobo. She gently teaches the people of this community how to best care for themselves and their children and takes them for routine check-ups and emergency care when there is an illness that we cannot treat in the village. She also helps Oliver with home visits and assessments of sponsored children.

Emily; In charge of Child Sponsorship and HIV Counseling to the children’s caretakers

She furthermore brings strong organization skills and a deeply rooted knowledge of and love for the communities we serve. She coordinates everything sponsorship related on the ground in Uganda, keeping up relationships with the schools we send our children to, visiting children in their homes to ensure their safety and happiness, and tracking the progress of each child in the program.

A Matron/Nurse who provides new ideas and much wisdom to our organization, but always with great humility. She manages all the medical work, diagnosing, treating and referring sick children in the school and does some medical outreaches to the community. She is also responsible for their hygiene.


Deputy Headteacher/Religious affairs

Religious Leader/Chaplain who contributes wonderful creativity and discipleship to the children we serve. She also happens to be the Deputy Headmaster. On Saturday he leads hours of worship and Bible teaching with the children who are sponsored through WSM. Throughout the week, he teaches Bible studies in Rwentobo, at the 4 different schools that sponsored children attend, and in the home villages of these children. We desire for these children and their entire families to come to know the love of Jesus. He also organizes special events for these communities where people from all over come to learn about the life of Jesus and His death and resurrection.

Cooks at World Shine Foundation Primary School.

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With their loving and joyful spirits, these men and women make sure our children and staff, eat delicious meals every Saturday. They oversee the feeding of all our children, both at the school in Rwentobo and at the fellowship site on Saturdays.  We so appreciate their desire to serve the WSM children and in doing so, glorify the Lord.

Grounds Keeper and watchmen.

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We have 2 watchmen. Keeping up with 2 acres of land used by 700 children and sometimes their family members is a big job. Yet they does it with determination and lots of hard work!

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