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Last year 38 of our graduates sat their Primary Leaving Exams. We are very glad to inform you that we performed well with 16 pupils in first grade and the rest did a good second grade. We really thank you for all your support.

The school has been progressing academically, spiritually and in the infrastructural dimensions of growth and development. Last year 2014, we held a joint evaluation meeting between the WSM staff, the teachers of the staff, and the guardians/caretakers of the children. This meeting took place at the school premises and its major purpose was to make a frank appraisal of how far the school has gone, and what needs to be done in connection to where we need to see it going, as far as impacting the lives of these children and the surrounding communities are concerned.

World Shine Foundation Primary School (Bibble Study)A general improvement in the morals of the children due to the emphasis on the impartation of Christian values and the collaboration between guardians and teachers on issues of discipline. This is irrespective of some children whose moral behavior is still a challenge and in part this is due to the nature of the caretaker families from where they come and/or how they have grown up.

Happy Pupils at our Orphanage School in Rwentobo

Happy Pupils at our Orphanage School in Rwentobo


A noteworthy increase in the children’s love for school and education due to the care given to the children while at school. A considerable improvement in the general academic performance of the pupils due to the laudable hard work by the available teachers; together with  their role modeling, their support and encouragement to help shape the young ones become responsible citizens. This is irrespective of the teacher – pupil ratio which is still low. A remarkable improvement in English speaking among the pupils due to the deliberate emphasis on developing their skills for meaningful communication and self-expression.

IMG_0239 WS Administrator..Laying a Building foundation For the World Shine Orphanage School IMG_0235 - CopyAvailability of the classrooms built so far. This is irrespective of the need to further improve them with the completion of the closing phase i.e. plastering the walls, stocking with more furniture, hanging more learning charts together with the need to set up other necessary structures. Continuous provision of food for the pupils while at school; this has improved on their nutrition and health whereas before some of them suffered from malnutrition related illness like kwashiorkor. Availability of water at the school as well as the need to put in place means of tapping rain water to boost the amount of water needed for use.

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