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As World shine ministries, we carry out different projects in order to improve on the living standards of the poor people in a few areas in Uganda and to basically help in the the education status and reduce on unemployment problems. These projects have been carried out but some times they have been limited by the problem of finances. We request and appreciate your support both financially and spiritually in any of our projects as shown below.

Beautiful Feet Project (For Shoes)This is the project that is meant to give out shoes to the orphaned pupils at World Shine Foundation Primary School-Rwentobo in the South Western Uganda. This has been due to the long distances the pupils walk to school on bear foot. This is also to improve on the living standards of the children in the poor area of Rwentobo. We continue to thank, Misty Fields, Mission Rwentobo from Tonbridge Baptist Church(TBC) – UK and many others for your continued support in this project



Busy Tummies (A Feeding Project)WSM feeds breakfast and lunch to over 650 children in the community of Rwentobo every Monday through Friday. Rwentobo Community has a population of 100,000 people. A majority of these children are from the Banyankole tribe. The people who live in Rwentobo are the poorest of the poor. Providing lunch keeps many of the children from begging on the streets. Once a week WSM also sends food home to their families. Support our feeding program in the Rwentobo community. Over 650 orphaned and vulnerable children rely on us Monday through Friday for food. This can be overwhelming, and yet God always supplies.


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IMG_0094Sweet Dreams (The Beddings Project) Support our Sweet Dreams Project. Sweet dreams is a project where we provide a mattress, beddings and a mosquito net to the children so that they can have good sleep. Most children sleep on mats or cow skins without mattresses and blankets. Mosquitoes are many and they don’t sleep well and normally get malaria. Good beddings and a mosquito net will make them healthy and strong. This project hasn’t taken off well due to lack of funds for it. A whole set is $30.

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IMG_0264 - CopySupport our Send a goat project. The send a goat project is where we give goats to sponsored children in order to alleviate poverty in their homes. When the goat produces, the child gives the first born goat to the project and given to another child. Goats given to sponsored children are doing well and we request if the trustees can pass for the sponsored children each receive a goat to help them in the future. A goat costs $50.

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IMG_0290Justina ProjectBuilding Houses for the homes. WSM also has a shelter project where we renovate and upgrade dilapidated houses for the widows and the elderly for most people if finances allow.

Home CareSupporting people with HIV WSM also provides home based care for HIV widows/children in the community. This is done through guiding and counseling to the patients and supporting them financially. We also supply food to them.

Child Sponsorship World Shine Ministries believes education is the key to transforming and changing a child’s life from a life of poverty to a life of possibilities and prosperity. Many children we meet in the projects we go to have a desire to be educated but simply cannot afford to go to school. Most of the time those asking for assistance are orphans, one or both of their parents have passed away. Some live with aunts or uncles who cannot afford to send both their own children and their nieces and nephews to school.
In cases all their extended family has passed away and they live on their own and become responsible for raising their younger brothers and sisters. Many of those in our program are above the age of 12 years old. Bigger sponsorship organizations will only accept children into their program if they are under the age of 12 years old. This is usually done for two reasons. One, it is usually easier to form and influence the life of a younger child and two, it is easier to get a sponsor for a cute 5 year old than rugged 15 year old. But children also lose their parents after 12 years old. These children have a strong desire and passion to finish their education and go on to make a better future for themselves and their country. They are the next generation of leaders for Africa. The tools for living and the education they receive today will determine the state of Africa tomorrow. A generation of orphans have the ability to stand up and make a difference in their country, a different Africa from the suffering and pain they had to endure as children. You can stand in the gap for these children who cannot receive assistance otherwise. sponsoring a child in World Shine Foundation Primary School-Rwentobo For $300 a year/$30 a month, you can sponsor a child through World Shine Ministries. Your sponsorship educates, nourishes, and changes the hearts of orphaned and vulnerable children! For $300 a year/$30 a month, your sponsored child will receive: Education at our Christian school, School supplies, School uniform, 3 meals a day, Medical care, Christian discipleship with, A photo of your child, Basic information such as name, family information, health information, A picture that your child has drawn with a letter from him or her, An update on your child once a year, Spiritual growth activities for their families and/or guardians We’re also very proud that WSM helps send sponsored graduates to College/University! Since 2000, WSM has sponsored many students to attend colleges and Universities through our leadership development program.

Widows Project. This is a project meant to support widows in different areas in the country. This is done to both HIV negative and positive people. the project is so far working in areas of Rwentobo, Masaka, Rukungiri and Kacumbala.

Dormitory Project. Support our Dormitory Project. We started a boarding section/orphanage for desperate children who walk 12 miles a day to and from the school, those rescued from domestic violence and from the streets, total orphans and those who are at risk. We hope to build a dormitory that will accommodate 300 children where we shall give hope to the children as they learn in a very peaceful environment. We recently bought land for the construction of the dormitory. This will accommodate 300 children who walk 12 miles a day to and from school. A three stored self-contained building is very important as it will host 300 children. It will also be stocked with beds and mattresses. We need $200,000 to complete the project. It will be done in three phases, 1st floor, 2ns floor and 3rd floor as funds allow and when a floor is finished it will be used until we get more money for the 2nd phase.

Kitchen Project. This is a project meant to build a kitchen at our Primary School in Rwentobo for better services at the school. We are very thankful to our USA partners led by Steve Happ to have sponsored the building of the School kitchen and a dinning hall that will be accommodating 700 children. 


Vocational Project. This is a project we are planning to start and is meant to train students and parents in vocational work, for example building and construction, plumbing, carpentry and joinery etc. This would help to improve on the standards of living in the area and help them make some money for survival to eradicate poverty.

Tailoring Project. This is a project taking place at the Worldshine Foundation Primary School-Rwentobo where we train old pupils in the school on how to do some practical work about tailoring. We realized that this would help to reduce on the poor earning of the people in the area and reducing on the poverty in the area too. We once in a while train a few of the parents and this is because of the limited sawing machines that are available, we would wish to train all the parents to help in eradication of poverty.

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IMG_4777Water Tank Project Support our Water Tank Project. The plan to construct a water tanks, wells and do plumbing on our school and harvest rain water is underway. However this is dependent on funds available and a temporally have been been established. The project has been supported by IN THE GARDEN MISSIONS led by JOHN WOMACK. One was established in the school compound to support the school and another one built in Rwentobo town to support the community. We hope more wells will be built to create clean water for the community.


Buy Jewelly and Baskets made through WSM’s vocational program to benefit the slum community of Rwentobo. When you purchase from the WSM store, you employ a hard working mother to care for her own family. All profits from WSM’s jewellery sales directly support the feeding of over 650 children in Rwentobo.

Support our Ministry Needs . Give an undesignated gift and allow us to apply it where it is most needed in ministry. Whether medical, relational, vocational, rehabilitation, supplies, evangelism, there are needs everywhere. Our team in Uganda faces life and death each day. We need $40000 a year to run other programs apart from the Rwentobo Project.

Tell your friends about World Shine Ministries not that WSM would receive any glory, but that we would awaken the world to the needs of the orphan, the poor and the oppressed. Be educators with us. Follow us on Facebook/ WORLD SHINE Ministries Subscribe to Medad’s blog and share it with others. Help us be a voice for the people and children of Uganda.

Consider Adoption or supporting an organization that helps foster adoptions. Adoption is near and dear to our heart at WSM. We see children every day who do not have a family or anyone to care for them. Adoption is not easy, but it is the heart of God.

1uganda 453Visiting Uganda. World Shine Ministries is open to people visiting us in Uganda through a group called Visiting Orphans. Visiting Orphans leads several trips each year to different countries, including making a stop in Uganda at WSM’s site. Each Visiting Orphanstrip is different, but we encourage you to contact Visiting Orphans to find out about availability. WSM does directly host or offer short term ministry trips to people and short-term missions/missionaries and long-term missionaries. WSM also arrange Safaris for people to visit national parks when they come. Participation in WSM programs is our joy when you come.


Finally, we need prayers for strength and wisdom. We need prayers of provision and protection. Please pray for the Ugandan people for salvation and restoration with God. Pray for the little children that they would know God’s love and experience it. Never underestimate what your prayers can and will do!

Support/cheques should be sent to World Shine Foundation in Glasgow Scotland and gift aid forms can be sent or paying through

World Shine Foundation c/o Flora Mackenzie, 3/1, 62

Kearl Avenue, Glasgow, G15 6NX

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