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Where there is no leadership there is no direction; and where the leader is not equipped, empowered, informed, and transformed, he gives the wrong direction and guidance. As such World Shine Ministries through her Department of Leadership Development has given emphasis to developing God transformed leaders for kingdom building and better guidance for God’s people.

This has taken place through leadership training seminars and workshops for church leaders, home cell leaders, student & youth leaders, and market place leaders in different professions and occupations.

Leadership training held: Most recent were the 4 leadership training events in March, held in different parts of the country as follows:

Kumi Training Leadership Event: We held a Leadership Training Event for church leaders (lay leaders, pastors and mission coordinators) in the Diocese of Kumi, Eastern Uganda on 10th March 2010. Attended by 42 leaders, it was an informative, challenging, participatory, and all inclusive training event.

All Saints’ Training Leadership Event: We held another one day Leadership Training Event specifically for the home cell leaders in Kampala, Central Uganda at All Saints’ Cathedral Nakasero on the 12th of March 2010. We singled these out because we felt they needed special attention and empowerment to address the particular needs of the individual Christians within the home cells that they lead. It was attended by 29 home cell leaders from different home cells we have in Kampala.

Kampala Leadership Training Event: Another Leadership Training Event was held at Kampala City View Guest House on the 13th March 2010. This was generally for the World Shine Core Leadership Team but also for other church and market place leaders. It was attended by 41 leaders from different places. After this training event we immediately started the World Shine Ministries – Kampala Chapter.

Kabale District of South Western Uganda was the venue for the next event held on the 16th of March. Many leaders attended and participated in this leadership seminar and were amazed at how much they were able to learn and get fresh insight into.

At the end of all these leadership training events, participants always made a public but voluntary commitment to start leading like Jesus did, be caring servant leaders that live a new lifestyle of prayer, accountability and service, a balanced life that honours God, loves humanity, and serves community. Special gratitude here goes to Hannu Vuorinen and Antti Akras (from Finland) who were the major facilitators / trainers in these Leadership Training Events. Their support is highly appreciated.

Young Leaders Training: In addition to the above, some members of staff participated in training young leaders in universities on Leadership, Ethics and Integrity, and commissioned them as ambassadors of wholesome living – a life that is concerned with the issues of the heart (values and attitudes), the head (knowledge), and the hand (skills)! We are highly thankful to God for the breakthroughs in these undertakings to develop God fearing, accountable leaders of excellence.

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