WSF Primary School

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World Shine Foundation School – Rwentobo

In 2005, World Shine Ministries announced a dream to start a school in Uganda which is currently a reality. It is called World Shine Foundation School-Rwentobo and it has baby class to primary seven.

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School Vision:
Our vision is to create a Christian school to equip students with knowledge and skills to serve and shine for Christ in leading and influencing the nation.

In order to achieve these goals we hope to be a school which; puts the Christian faith at the heart of all that we do, recruits, develops and retains excellent staff, has high expectations of everyone in our school community, creates strong links between home and school and nurtures our students academically, socially, culturally, spiritually and physically.

School Motto:
Knowledge and Skills for service to shine for Christ for the Healing of the nations.

Core Values, Ethos:
We believe that every young person is made in God’s image and is infinitely valuable to Him. Each is born with unique skills, aptitudes and talents which we will nurture so that they can flourish and live life to the full. We believe in ‘life-wide’ learning, allowing for the whole child to be developed and cared for academically, spiritually, socially, creatively and physically.

A Christian Education:
Our school will be a safe, welcoming and inspirational place for all students. We welcome those with faith and those without. We believe that the Christian faith has a great deal to offer to the education of our children and young people, as demonstrated by the popularity of Christian Schools on a local and national level.  We want our students to know about Jesus, his life and teaching, and to offer them the opportunity of following him, as we believe he is the best example of a life lived in all its fullness. All students will be aware of the needs of others and will be expected to value and support one another.

Excellence in Everything
Excellence is a key value for World Shine Foundation School. We seek to be the best in everything that we do with no excuses. Learning is centered on a belief that outstanding learning requires students to be exposed to as broad a range of cultural, creative and personal experiences as possible. We are a school where the next piece of music a student hears or the next sculpture they see may open up a new and entirely unexpected perspective on their life; where the next sporting or personal challenge may help them to understand they have reserves of character they never thought existed; where the next member of the community they support shares an experience from their life which changes a child’s outlook on their own future; where the next community they visit may make them see their career choices in a new and radically different context.

Education for life in its fullness’ allows the possibility that each day should be a challenge and an inspiration, and a segment in the developing picture of what each child might become. We want our students to learn, lead and inspire, but also to question everything, to examine every angle, and have the self-awareness and courage to be the person they wish to be. All members of staff are committed mature Christians and are available to offer support and advice with form tutors having a particular responsibility for individual guidance through structured and informal mentoring in their forms. Pastoral arrangements are centered on the four Houses, where the Head of House and tutors are available to pupils at all times.

The Chaplain fulfills a valuable role by offering additional support and guidance, and this is backed up by more formal work led by the school counselor. Senior leaders including the Headmaster are readily available to all students and are highly visible during lunch, break and before and after school. We are designing a curriculum and materials to help the children to grow in discipleship and raise them as Christian leaders.

Currently, WSM sends 700 orphaned and vulnerable children to WSM Christian School through an education sponsorship program. These children receive three meals a day, school supplies, medical care, and spiritual discipleship. They learn about Jesus in school, and on Saturdays all the sponsored children come to the WSM fellowship site for Bible study, worship, lunch and lots of playing. They are sent home with food and soap every Saturday, along with seeds during the rainy season so that they and their families may begin growing their own food.

Children’s care takers harvesting sorghum through the seeds given to them by World Shine Ministries.

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Giving out goats to the orphans at WSF Primary School.

Picture12        Giving out goats to the orphans at WSF Primary School.  goats


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For  only £20 a month, you can sponsor a child through World Shine Ministries. Your sponsorship educates, nourishes, and changes the hearts of orphaned and vulnerable children! your sponsored child will be able to receive: Education at our Christian schoolSchool suppliesSchool uniform3 meals a dayMedical careChristian discipleship with a photo of your child, basic information such as name, family information, health information, a picture that your child has drawn with a letter from him or her and an update on your child once a year.

For sponsorship and other kind of support to the orphanage school, payments can be done through our trusted partners in Scotland on their website; or



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We continually thank all those who have been supporting our school and planting seeds that by God’s grace can’t fail to germinate. Some have sent gifts to the children they sponsor and such gifts have been safely delivered to the respective children.

Future Hopes
we hope to have a day care centre to help poor mothers who walk long distances to go and work, digging in the fields carrying babies. We started a section/orphanage for desperate children who walk 12 miles a day to and from the boarding school, those rescued from domestic violence and from the streets, total orphans and those who are at risk. We hope to build a dormitory that will accommodate 300 children where we shall give hope to the children as they learn in a very peaceful environment.

Further concerns for future consideration were expressed on the practical need to:

Stock more textbooks for pupils & teachers use in the teaching and learning process. Urgently have a bigger boarding section in place- many children either have a considerable distance to travel to school or have nowhere to be accommodated. Build a bigger dormitory for the children at risk and also renovate Hope House. Fence the school to ease the matter of monitoring security. Build a dining hall where the children can eat their meals in a comfortable and hygienic environment. Purchase a water tank to harvest natural rain water for use at school. Install electricity in the school both for lighting the rooms and running equipment such as computers (when purchased) for the secretarial demands of the school; the installation of electricity will also add to security within the school buildings and grounds.

2FF3DFF0Link the school with other good schools within and outside the country for mutual collaboration and exchange arrangements in a bid to improve the standards of the school – academically and spirituallylinking with other schools can also help them learn from WSM’s ideas and methods. Build a chapel in the school as a centre of spiritual activity e.g. fellowshipping, morning devotions, scriptural study sessions, praise and worship services etc. Build more classrooms and renovate the currently existing ones. Purchase more land for the expansion of the school.

More support and God’s grace as you can see are still needed in plenty so as to put in place a school that will indeed help in raising up holistic beings – nurturing unique children, imparting Christian values in the society through these children, and also helping the needy children that God has put under our custodian stewardship. This support can be financial, material, moral, or spiritual in nature as the Holy Spirit guides you.

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