Administrator’s Story

Connie Birungi-WSM Administrator

Growing up in one of the small villages in Kiyaga, Rukungiri District in Western Uganda, I never knew that what I was going through was a preparation for ministry. I never imagined that I would impact a lot of people, especially the hurt and the marginalized. 1uganda 453

I went through hardships as a young child due to domestic violence caused by my father’s alcoholism. He sold almost all that we had at home and we grew up miserable, rejected, abandoned and hurt. I thank God who saved me at the age of 12 years and gave me an education. I am a teacher by profession, a profession that I believe has shaped my life. God also gave me the task of praying for my family and I have seen my father born again, his life transformed, and the entire family is an alter with many fellowship and prayer meetings.


The hardships as a little girl also shaped my life into wanting to serve and provide a shoulder to lean on for the suffering. I remember those that gave me a shoulder to cry on during that time.


Rev.Dr. Medad Birungi the founder and his wife.(down)

When I got married to Rev. Dr Medad Birungi, he had a similar testimony. We decided that we needed to do something that would impact the lives of many. Hence, World Shine Ministries was born in 2000.

World Shine started as a humble Ministry and has grown from Glory to Glory, impacting many lives. We have many testimonies of people that have been given a shoulder to lean.

At World Shine Ministries we employ a number of staff but basically we rely on volunteers. We still need prayers for God to raise resources to support the Staff for better results.

When we look back, we are able to thank God. We are moving somewhere to the bright future-God being in Control. World Shine Ministries has a future!!

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